Gurdwara Shri Hemkunt Sahib Trust, Gobind Dham

Gurdwara Name Gurdwara Shri Hemkunt Sahib Trust Address Gobind Dham, Uttarakhand
Zipcode Phone 01381226232, 08991322555
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History Gobind Dham ( GD) & Sri Hemkunt Sahib ji (SHS). i) Distance GD-SHS is 6 kms, from 10,500 ft to 15,210 ft - very steep gradient. ii) At this height (rarified air, lack of oxygen and UV rays), pl take it EASY. If snow is still around, it is recommended that one MUST use dark glasses so as to avoid injury to eyes. iii) At this altitude & fully acclimatised person avg walking is 1.5-1.75 km per hour and it would normally take 3.5-4 hrs walking and mule takes 1.45-2 hrs. It is recommended that mule should be hired ONLY for one way journey up as it takes just 1-2.5 hrs to roll down to GD and another 2.5-3 hrs upto GG. iv) Ardas Timings SHS. 10.00 AM, 12.00 Noon & 2.00 PM - so plan your move from GD accordingly. Thereafter, one should spend the least time at SHS and move down quickly due to Super High Altitude & its related severe effects - this is from the personal experience of a fauji who has spent 4-5 yrs at these heights. iv) Dress. For reasons of safety & convenience, it is again recommended that ladies preferably use jeans/ trousers and comfortable top (kurta/ normal ladies kameez) when riding a pony/ mule. v) Pl ENSURE that pony/ mule has proper stirrups and NOT nylon puttie/ niwar as its length can not be adjusted to your leg length - it is imp and can be easily enforced by our Mgmt at GG. vi) Immediately after a dip in the holi sarovar, head for langar (hot tea & khichadi) and then go to Darbar Sahib.
Remarks * Courtesy information provided by : Brigadier BS Gill, Vir Chakra, Parakram Padak 91 - 98728-68095