Gurdwara Sri Achal Sahib, Batala

Gurdwara Name Gurdwara Sri Achal Sahib Address Pind Salo Chahal, Batala , Gurdaspur
Zipcode Phone 01871 261800
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Sarai Available yes Sarai Contact Information
Sarai facilities 4 individual rooms with common bath . On jalandhar Road , bus fare Rs. 4 from Batala bus stand
Sarai Room Count 4
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History Achal Batala has been the most important centre of Nathpanthi yogis during the Mughal rule. Guru Nanak Dev ji came to this place on Shivratri festival along with his disciples.As soon as Guruji reached the place, people gathered around him to touch his feet. This created jealousy and bitterness in the hearts of yogis, as people paid much attention to the Guruji and ignored them outright. This was too much for yogis to tolerate. Feeling that Guruji was an intruder to their sacred place to win over their disciples, their leader Bhangar Nath had a bitter debate with the great Guru. Guruji told the yogi that he was a hypocrite. Though outwardly he had renounced the world being a recluse, yet he goes to the houses of the worldly people to beg his food. He questioned, "In what way' you are superior to those at whose door you beg your daily meal? What do you give them in return" Instead of replying, the Yogi started showing miracle of black magic and occult powers. But Guruji was not impressed by his magic tricks. It so happened that yogi lost the power to show his miracle in the presence of the Guru. He realised that some superior power had taken the wind out of sail. The Yogi came to Guruji, calm and bewildered. Guruji told him that all these magic tricks would be insignificant compared to the love and grace of God. Gurudwara Achal Sahib stands on the spot where Guru Nanak had discussion with Yogi Bhangar Nath.
Remarks Its only 7-8 km from Batala