Gurdwara Majnu ka Tilla, Delhi

Gurdwara Name Gurdwara Majnu ka Tilla Address Magazine Road, Civil Lines, Delhi
Zipcode 110054 Phone 011 23810736
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Sarai Available yes Sarai Contact Information Manager 91 11 23737328, 23737329
Sarai facilities 13 rooms with attached bath and beds @ Rs 100/day and one hall having 1000 persons capacity free of cost
Sarai Room Count 13
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History Guru Nanak Devji, while visiting Delhi, met the resident Iranian Sufi bhakt, Abdulla, who lived atop this little mound, on the river's bank. The hermit was reed-thin, spending all his waking moments fasting and looking for the true meaning of God - in vain. He would ferry people across the river in his boat - for free - as service to God. People called him Majnu, so lost was he in love and devotion for God. Abdulla's quest for enlightenment and for the true meaning of God, made him vow to meet Baba Nanak when he heard that the great Guruji was in the vicinity. He finally did meet him on July 20, 1505. This fact is intrinsically woven with another tale at this sacred spot. While the Guruji was sitting with his new bhakt, there was the sound of a mahout crying aloud at the loss of the Badshah's elephant under his care. Moved by the sound of his piteous crying, the Guruji brought the animal back to life, much to everyone's amazement. The Guruji stayed at the spot till the end of July. So pleased was he with the mad, selfless devotion to God by the Sufi hermit - who people said behaved much like the proverbial love-forsaken Majnu - that Nanak told him this area would be immortalised by his name - as Majnu Ka Tilla or the hillock of Majnu - till the world ended. Later, the small gurdwara that was built there by General Baghel Singh in 1783 was known by this name. And that's how the name and the gurdwara came about - a Sikh shrine named after a devout Iranian Sufi believer. It stands tall now as an amalgamation of faith, and of the ultimate belief in Ek Onkar, that whatever faith you might believe in, the Ultimate God is One.
Remarks The Majnu Ka Tilla Gurdwara stands atop a small mound on the banks of the Yamuna river. The area was named after a Sufi nicknamed Majnu who met Shri Guru Nanak Devji here in July 1505