Gurdwara Tahliana Sahib, Raikot

Gurdwara Name Gurdwara Tahliana Sahib Address Sri Guru Gobind Singh Marg, Raikot, Zila Ludhiana
Zipcode Phone 01624 264063
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Sarai Available yes Sarai Contact Information
Sarai facilities 36 rooms with beds and common bath free of cost and 4 halls having 60 persons capacity
Sarai Room Count 40
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History Sri Guru Gobind Singh ji came here from Machhiwara on his way to Muktsar and resided in the Bumper Forests on 19 poh of the calender year 1761 (Bikrami January 1705) under the Sheesham tree on the bank of Lehi Stream. He sojourned at the place under a tree and asked a local resident, Nura by name, to bring him some milk. Apologetically he regretted his inability to provide any milk for the Guruji because they were non-milking buffaloes . However, with the blessings of the Guruji a she-buffalo, when tied to a tree, was milched. Then Guruji gave Nura a metal pot known as Gangasagar(a vessle) having 288 holes which was part and parcel of his person belongings. Miraculously, however, milk if pured into the vessel will not flow out, but sand, when put in it, flowed out of the holes of the vessel. Rai Kalha on being informed of the presence of the Guruji at the place came to pay respect to him. Out of his concern for the fate of two sons of the Guruji taken to Sirhind, Rai Kalha had deputed his employee, Nura, to bring first hand information. On his return to Raikot the messenger was so overwhelmed with grief on the tragic occurence that he hesitated to break the shocking news to the Guruji, who could, however, sense his difficulty and required him to narrate whatever has transpired without any fear. The Guruji had, thorugh his own intuition, understood what had happened to his sons. As a token of his resolve to end the cruel Mughal Government he flourished his sword to cut a patch of grass at the place. The action was symbolic of his intrepid efforts to end Zalam Rajā. Before leaving Raikot, in recognition and appreciation of the services and hospitality extended by Rai Kalha, a Muslim Chief, who risked his own and his family lives, Guru Gobind Singh Ji presented Ganga Sagar, a sword to Rai Kalha as personal gift and said that if you kept on serving the Ganga Sagar properly, the rule will go on and it happened the same as well. As they prayed the Ganga Sagar, the rule went on. The present owner of Ganga Sagar is Rai Azizzulah Khan (the 9th generation descendant of Rai Kalha III), a grandson of Khan Bahadur Rai Inayat Khan and the heir of the Rai family who have kept his sacred gift of Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji with great respect and care for almost 300 years. Rai Ahmed, the ruler started the habitation at this spot and built a Kot (fortification) around it. The place took the name after its founder with the addition of word Kot and, therefore, came to be known as Raikot. Rais were originally Hindu Rajputs, who had embraced Islam during the medieval period. Their descendants had continued to live there until 1947, when the last of them migrated to Pakistan. Raikot is 25 kilometres from Jagraon and 40 kilometres from Ludhiana.