Gurdwara Bhai Bala ji Sandhu, Shivpuri

Gurdwara Name Gurdwara Bhai Bala ji Sandhu Address Bangla Pandora, Tasil Kolaras, Shivpuri, Madhya Pradesh
Zipcode Phone 91- 7492- 241750
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Sarai Available unknown Sarai Contact Information Baba Hakam Singh 91-9417627028 / 9993283433
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History Sri Guru Nanak Dev ji stopped for 1 day and 1 night while travelling from Dholpur, Rajastan to Shivpuri, and then on to Bhopal and Nepal. Here, he gave an audience to the local sanggat / congregation and took water from a well that still exists at the Gurdwara. Gurdwara Bhai Bala Ji Sandhu lies on National Highway Number 3, which leads to Agra and Hazoor Sahib. Sikh pilgrims travelling to Hazoor Sahib will usually make a stop at this Gurdwara for food and accomodation. Shivpuri is located almost 970 km from Hazoor Sahib. Over the years, the Gurdwara / Baba Hakim Singh has helped members of the sanggat who are in need, eg. accidents via travelling and other problems. This is done free of cost.