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History Gurudwara Gobind Ghat situated on the bank of river Ganga is hardly 200 yards from Harimandir Saheb. It is also popular as Kangan Ghat where Gobind Rai had thrown his gold bangle. On the same bank Gobind Rai had blessed mental peace to Pandit Shiv Dutt, a Devotee of Sri Ram Chandra. Raja Fateh Chand Maini a local chieftain and his queen were one of the great admirers of Gobind Rai. Though they had everything of worldly satisfaction yet being childless, felt a great gap in their life and darkness in future. This made them unhappy and disappointed. As per prevalent Hindu tradition a son did not inherit their property, but performed all the religious rites after their death to ensure their passage across the phenomenal world. King Fateh Chand and his queen one day narrated the sad incident of their life to Pandit Shiv Dutt because this Pandit was very popular among the Hindu society due to his pious life. He intimated that the heavenly child Gobind Rai could change their sad and pessimistic life into hope and immortality. Now both the king and the queen had a new object of their life and more admiration for the child prophet. Love and yearning grew day by day. One day queen was in her meditation room worshipping God. Gobind Rai along with his playmates entered the place, sat in the lap of the queen and said in lovely voice 'mother', due to full day's play we are tired and hungry, give something to eat. The sweet melody word 'mother', thrilled the childless queen. Before this queen was never called by anyone, 'mother'. This pronouncement filled the long-outstanding gap in her heart. She embraced Gobind Rai in her arms. Both the King and the Queen were overwhelmed with joy and gratitude. Boiled grams and purris already prepared for their own purpose were served to Gobind Rai and his companions. The same tradition till now is preserved and boiled grams are served to every visitor and pilgrim, in sweet memory of the visit of Gobind Rai. This visit changed the life of the King and the Queen, into happiness. They adopted Gobind Rai as their own son and decided to donate the palace and property in the name of Gobind Rai. The palace was converted into congregational center. Later on a beautiful Sikh Shrine was constructed. While returning home, Gobind Rai reported to his mother that he had made another mother. Mother (Gujri) asked, "Then how will one son play in two laps". "Just as one moon is visible in two pools at the same time" replied Gobind Rai. The following historical things are worth seeing: 1. A pair of little shoes of Gobind Rai. 2. A little tree of Karonda, remains ever blooming that had grown up from the toothbrush of Gobind Rai. Two Muslim nawab brothers of great repute at Patna, namely Rahim Bux and Karim Bux had great Devotion towards Guru Nanak house. They were very much impressed by heavenly child Gobind Rai. As we have mentioned earlier that from the very childhood Gobind Rai had become popular because of his various activities. When Guru Tegh Bahadur father of (Guru) Gobind Singh returned from his Assam and Bengal tour he made his temporary halt outside Patna City in the deserted garden of two above mentioned nawab brothers. The holy visit of Guru Tegh Bahadur turned the dry and deserted garden into greenery. As this incident was reported to Muslim brothers they reached to see the revered Guru and their garden along with their courtiers. Guru Tegh Bahadur asked three times the nawab brothers about the ownership of the garden. The nawab brothers decided to donate it in the name of Guru as it was turned green because of holy and pious visit of Gurujee. They submissively requested to accept their little offer of the garden. It is about 4 kms from the Takhat Patna Saheb on Patna-Fatwah Road. At present this garden is popularly known as "Gurudwara Guru Ka Bagh". There is a Sarowar and beautiful Gurudwara. It was the place where Guru Tegh Bahadur met his son for the first time. After a short stay in Patna, Guru Tegh Bahadur made his programme for Punjab because the Hindus of Punjab were being threatened by force conversion into Islam under the fanatic policy of Aurangzeb. They were passing through a critical time. Instructions were given to Gobind Rai to reach Anandpur Saheb along with mother, grandmother maternal uncle at their convenience. Gobind Rai's departure from Patna to Punjab caused a great displeasure and sorrow to the inhabitants of Patna City. On the day of departure, men and women, Hindus and Muslims, old and young, rich and poor, and his playmates came a considerable way out of the city to see off the revered young prophet Gobind Rai. It was the most torturing scene when they bade farewell to Gobind Rai and his family members. All the admirers and Devotee Sikhs prayed for their happy journey.