Gurudwara Shikar Ghat Sahib, Nanded

Gurdwara Name Gurudwara Shikar Ghat Sahib Address Hazur Sahib, Nanded
Zipcode Phone 9960397813
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Sarai Available no Sarai Contact Information Nanak Singh
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History A legend is associated with this shrine, too. It is said that Guru Gobind Singh came here following the chase (shikar) and killed a rabbit which in a former birth had been Bhai Mula, a Sikh contemporary of Guru Nanak Dev. Bhai Mula belonged to Sialkot (now in Pakistan). He had once accompanied Guru Nanak Dev during his travels, but when Guru Nanak Dev went to see him on another occasion, Mula avoided the Guru and hid himself for fear that the Guru might again take him away on a long journey. Guru Nanak Dev went away, but Mula died soon after of snakebite. His repentent soul had since been wandering in different sub-human bodies until, so goes the legend, Guru Gobind Singh emancipated it by the touch of his arrow