Gurudongmar Sahib, Gurudongmar, Sikkim

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History There is a huge jheel where water used to remain frozen all thru the year. Guruji stirred his stick into the jheel and at this place you have flowing water all thru the year, even at 17,300 ft altitude. There was a small memorial at this place but in 1995-97, when two sr sikh offrs were in comd of that area & a Punjab Regt bn was also stationed there, a big & magnificent gurdwara was constucted under their aegis.Sewadars/ granthi ji from army units in that area are always present for the purpose. A large number of local popln & outsiders visit the Shrine. Gravel road goes right to the Shrine and one is reqd to walk just 30-50 mtrs to reach upto the Gurdwara. People go around the jheel also - takes about 50-75 mins for the same. Should be visited till about 12 Noon because of the altitude & related unpredictable weather conditions in the afternoon. Takes approx five hours from Chungthang (suggested place to stay for the night, at an altitude of 5,800 ft) and one can reach back Chungthang by the evening 4.00/ 5.00 pm.
Remarks On his way from Tibet to Kamrup (Assam), Guru Nanak Devji travelled thru this part of Sikkim- Guru Dongmar (17,300 ft) and Chungthang (5,800 ft). In addition, there is much talked Baba Harbhajan Shrine (on Rd Gangtok-Nathu La, approx two hrs distance from Gangtok) These places are reverred by local populace also. The lake remains completely frozen in the winter months from November to Mid-May except for one small part of the lake which is supposed to be touched and blessed by the Guru Nanak Devji. The lake is highly revered by the Sikkimese and Buddhists and the waters are supposed to have curative properties. It is one of the highest lakes in the world located at an altitude of 17,300 feet (5,148 m). It lies on the North side of the Khangchengyao Range in a high plateau area contiguous to the Tibetan Plateau. The stream emerging from the lake is one of the source-streams of the Tista River.Courtesy Information given by : Brig. BS Gill, Vir Chakra, Parakram Padak, 91 - 9872868095