Gurdwara Sahib Sacha Sauda, Chuharkana

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History As the founder of Sikhism, Guru Nanak, passed the age of 18 in year 1487, his father, Mehta Kalu, was worried and utterly disappointed that Nanak was not engaged in any occupation. He thought perhaps engaging Nanak in starting a local retail store would be profitable for the family and it would make him busy. Kalu sent for Nanak's best friend, Mardana, to accompany Nanak to the wholesale market in Lahore city (now in Pakistan). He gave 20 rupees (almost $20,000 in today's currency value) to both of them and said ''Go, buy and bring some genuine merchandise by selling of which we may run a high profitable business.'' Nanak and Mardana started their business trip toward Lahore. They had hardly gone 15 miles from their village, when they came across a village where people were hungry, thirsty and dying from disease. Hearing the sad stories of wailing people, Nanak said to Mardana, ''Father told us to do some genuine profitable business. No business can be more truly profitable than to feed and clothe the needy. I cannot leave this true business opportunity. It is seldom that we get a chance to carry out some profitable deal like this.'' Guru Nanak took all the money to the next nearest village stores, where he bought plentiful supply of food and brought water for these sick and needy people. The next day they started back ''empty-handed.'' When both reached near hometown, Talwandi, Nanak said to Mardana, ''You go to the village alone, I shall meditate under this shady tree.'' Mardana went to the village and narrated the whole story to Mehta Kalu, who was very angry that they had wasted money on feeding, clothing and taking care of needy people. Putting aside all work he took Mardana along and dashed to disturb Nanak's meditation. Nanak requested his father not to get angry. He tried to convince his father by telling that he had not done anything wrong with the money but had done a ''Sacha Sauda'' (true business) in the true sense. Thus Guru Nanak invested the 20 rupees into what we today call ''Langar'' free community kitchen in our Gurdwaras. Service above self, and doing well to the people is the way of a true Sikh. The true bargain of life is sharing one's earning with the needy and helping in whatever way we can. At the place where the true business was done by Guru Nanak, Gurdwara named ''Sacha Sauda'' is built.
Remarks At Chuharkana in Sheikhupura district of Pakistan, 20 miles west of Lahore.The shrine is now under the management of the Waqf Board of Pakistan. Its building was renovated during 1993-94, and it was opened to visit by organized Sikh jathas with the approval of Pakistan government. In the picture , you can also see the tree under which the jogis were sitting when guruji served them langar.