Gurdwara Nirmohgarh Sahib Patshahi X, Nirmohgarh

Gurdwara Name Gurdwara Nirmohgarh Sahib Patshahi X Address Sri Guru Gobind Singh Marg,Nirmohgarh,Kiratpur Sahib , Distt. Ropar
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History Village Nirmohgarh (also known as Hardo-Nirmoh) is at a distance of about 4 km from Keeratpur Sahib. Guru Gobind Singh Sahib Ji stayed here for 11 days (October 4 to 14, 1700). On August 29,1700, Ajmer Chand, the ruler of Bilaspur, attacked Anandpur Sahib. The invasion continued for four days. Ajmer Chand's army suffered heavy losses. On September 1, 1700, Raja Kesral Chand, maternal uncle of Ajmer Chand was also killed. When Ajmer Chand's army returned to Bilaspur, the people began chiding them. At this Parma Nand, the prime minister of Ajmer Chand chalked out a plan. He made a statue of 'Cow' and placed it outside the gate of Anandgarh Fort along with a letter praying to Guru Sahib Ji to abandon Anandpur Sahib for a couple of days so that they might boast of occupying Anandpur Sahib just to regain respect among the residents of Bilaspur. In the letter, Ajmer Chand had sworn by a cow (cow is sacred to Hindus) that he will never attack Anandpur Sahib again. Guru Sahib Ji knew how ungrateful Ajmer Chand was, still he took mercy on him and abandoned Anandpur Sahib. Guru Sahib Ji set up tents on the top of a hill on the outskirts of the village of Nirmohgarh. When Ajmer Chand came to know that Guru Sahib Ji had left Anandpur Sahib and moved to Nirmohgarh, he planned an attack on Nirmohgarh also. On October 8, 1700 he attacked Nirmohgarh but suffered heavy losses. Then he approached the governor of Sirhind. The governor of Sirhind sent a unit of the army under the leadership of Rustn Khan and Nahar Khan. A fierce battle was fought here on October 13. In this battle, both the Khans were killed. On October 14, Ajmer Chand launched another attack This also resulted in the defeat of Ajmer Chand's army. It is said that, during the siege of Nirmohgarh, the hill chiefs succeeded in requisitioning the services of some imperial troops, including a cannoneer. Just at the opening of the next engagement, the cannoneer fired a shot aimed at Guru Gobind Singhji, who was sitting on the top of Nirmohgarh hill. Guruji, however, remained unhurt, although an attendant, Bhai Ram Singh, was killed. Guruji instantly picked his bow and arrow and pierced the cannoneer dead. The site now has a memorial in the shape of small single room gurudwara. Guruji and his warriors broke the encirclement and crossed the Sutlej to reach Basali, a friendly principality.