Gurdwara Chubara Sahib, Machhiwara

Gurdwara Name Gurdwara Chubara Sahib Address Sri Guru Gobind Singh Marg ,Machiwara, Distt. Ludhiana
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History Gurdwara Chubara Sahib is inside the town on the site where the house of Gulaba Masand once stood. The word chubara means a room on the first floor. It was in a first floor room in Gulaba's house that Sri Guru Gobind Singhji had put up. There they were given food and shelter. Gani Khan and Nabi Khan noticed that there were too many informers roaming around so they suggested that the Guruji should have his clothes colored blue, as it would be easier and far safer for them to travel. And so a dyer was called for. When the dyer arrived Guru ji requested that he recolor his clothing blue-a color then associated with Sufi Sants. The dyer then told the Guruji that he could do as he wished, but he added that the clothes could only be dyed when a matti (a large earthen pot) was fully prepared and that would takes 3 days once the dye was put in. Guruji told the dyer that he had already had a matti prepared. When the dyer went in the next room and saw it, he was amazed to see the matti already boiling in the proper dye. The dyer, now sure, that the Guruji was a true 'Hermit of God', realized that he should ask for some boon from him. After coloring the clothes and presenting them at the Guruji's feet, the dyer stood with his hands pressed together. Guruji gave the man some coins, but the dyer refused to take money. Guru Ji asked him then what did he want? The dyer asked his blessing so that he might have a child. Then added a second request saying, "as I am unable to earn enough for a living and am not able to pay off the debt I owe for the dye I use, kindly bless me. Guru Gobind Singhji replied saying, "the matti in which you have colored my clothes will never again require that any coloring be added to it. Just dip in your cloth and whatever color you think in your heart, the cloth will become that color. Keep the matti covered and do not tell this secret to anyone. The place where the dyer got happy and went away, Gurdwara Chaubara Sahib exists .This town was owned by Rana Udho Singh Ghorewaha who received Rahon as a Jagir by Akbar the Great in return for his capturing of the rebel General Bairam Khan. This town and many surrounding it were owned by Ghorewaha Rajputs. As of 2001 India census, Machhiwara had a population of 18,363. This place is located at 95 km from Anandpur Sahib and 31 km from Chamkaur Sahib. If you want taxi in Machiwara to visit nearby historical gurdwaras , contact Tarsem Singh 9915288854 and for any local help, contact Kultar Singh at 9463318772 , Ajay Kumar 9814244712. Chandigarh to Samrala by bus is 1.15hrs , fare Rs 34 and from Samrala to Machiwara is 9 kms and fare is Rs 5 . You can get down on the main road and walk for 2 kms to reach Gurdwara Kirpan bhent and then take an auto for Rs 5 to Machiwara bus stand from where you can go to other gurdwaras.
Remarks Its 10kms from Samrala.