Vastar Sthan Patshahi X, Dhilwan Sodhian

Gurdwara Name Vastar Sthan Patshahi X Address Sri Guru Gobind Singh Marg , Dhilwan Sodhian
Zipcode Phone 9876648003
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Sarai Available no Sarai Contact Information Mantar Singh Sodhi 9814312503
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History After refusal from Kapura Brar, Guru Gobind Singhji reached the village of Dhilwan Kalan (at that time called Dhilwan Sodhian), where his relatives received him with great cordiality. At Dhilwan Kalan, one of the Prithi Chand's descendants, Kaul Sodhi, presented Guru Gobind Singhji with new clothes. The guruji took off his blue robe which he had been wearing since he left Machiwara, and tearing it piece by piece burned it in fire. The historic words that Guru Gobind Singhji are said to have uttered on this occasion are memorable: "I have torn the blue clothes which I wore, and with that the rule of the Turks and Pathans is at an end". It is believed that Guru Gobind Singh-ji stayed a couple of days at Dhilwan Kalan in the house of Sodhi Kaul on his request. On Kaul's request, Guruji also discarded his blue dress and changed to white dress. Descendants of Kaul Sodhi’s family claim that the guruji gave a "topi" believed to be of the first guru, Nanak Dev-ji, and a "chola" (cloak), socks and turban, two daggers believed to belonging to Guru Gobind Singh-ji, which is still in their custody. This place has Guru Nanak Devjis and Guru Gobind Singh ji vastars and nishanis with Sodhi family.Its 15kms from Faridkot.