Gurdwara Patshahi Dasvin , Doda Taal, Guru Ki Dhab

Gurdwara Name Gurdwara Patshahi Dasvin , Doda Taal Address Sri Guru Gobind Singh Marg , Guru Ki Dhab, Kotkapura
Zipcode Phone 91 9888215602
Fax Contact Email
Sarai Available yes Sarai Contact Information 91 9316142871
Sarai facilities individual rooms, common bath, free of cost
Sarai Room Count 5
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History When guru ji visited the place he met with a soul of an old martyr who was not liberated and was present in tree . During Afternoon, Guru ji was sitting with sangat at this place and at sudden a person came out of tree. The Sangat was stunned but he was looking dashing. That person greeted Guru Sahibji to which guru sahibji replied "How are you Mian Hussain Khan?". When that person listened his name from pious mouth of Sri Guru Ji, he was delighted and replied that glimpse of guru ji made him very happy and was waiting for him for long time and now he was relaxed as his all sins destroyed. Mian Ussain Khan attained salvation and his soul left the place. Then Sikhs enquired about him to which Guru Sahibji replied that he was a martyr but due to some reasons he was not able to attain salvation, But today he acheived it. It is mentioned in historical accounts that it was a Sreehn Tree(Sirish, or Albizzia lebbeck Benth) from which that soul came out, it's not present anymore. An octagonal Sarovar(Called Doda Taal) is present, which was blessed. Whosoever will take bath in this Sarovar with heart and soul will be out cycle of life and death and his diseases will also be cured.