Gurdwara Shri Hemkunt Sahib Trust, GobindGhat

Gurdwara Name Gurdwara Shri Hemkunt Sahib Trust Address GobindGhat, Dist. Chaumoli, Uttarakhand
Zipcode Phone 01389 212293,7500241973
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Sarai Available yes Sarai Contact Information 08991322581
Sarai facilities 35 are furnished rooms with bath , 20 are unfurnished rooms and 6 halls have a capacity of 1000 persons.
Sarai Room Count 55
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History This is the place from where journey on foot starts because no vehicle can go forward to it to Hemkunt Sahib. After staying for a night at Joshi Math, the Pilgrims start for the next halt of Gobind Ghat. Gobind Ghat is situated at an altitude of 6000 feet. above sea level. A very beautiful Gurdwara had been built there. Gobind Ghat is also a confluence of Alaknanda and Hem Ganga. The water of Hem Ganga comes down from Hemkunt Sarovar. From Gobind Ghat one road leads to Hemkunt Sahib and the other to the historical temple of Badri Nath. This Gurdwara was built under the supervision of Havaldar Modan Singh in 1944-45 A.D. There is also a big Hall for the purpose of Langar. The next journey from Gobind Ghat to Gobind Dham has to be completed by foot, so the travellers deposit their heavy luggage in this Gurdwara. The distance between Gobind Ghat and Gobind Dham is 12 Kilometers. Though obviously this distance does not seem so lengthy. But this distance is more arduous and tiresome. The old men, women and children who cannot, climb or walk engage ponies, palanquins and other carriers.
Remarks Preparations for Pilgrimage. i) Clothings. Pack your items, preferably in carry packs and divide into three parts - to be left at Ghagaria(for road journey)/ Gobind Dham (for night stay)/ upto Hemkund sahib (one change over). ii) Eatables. Carry bread & jam, fruity/ 200 ml juice containers, soft drinks, water, biscuits, toffees, knife & small spoons, paper plates, napkins, and fresh fruits. Keep shedding the qty/ weight of eatables, as per night halt programme as above. Further you go from Rishikesh, prices also keep going up (pepsi bottle actual cost Rs. 20/- is available at Rs. 40/- when you are nearest to God !!). iii) Footwear. DO NOT buy & carry abs new item. Break-in period for shoes is approx two months. Wear good quality(approx range 500-1500 or beyond) shoes. iv) Medicines. Apart from your daily use medicines, incl SOS, pl do carry one strip each of Avomine(nausea/ vomitting), Crocin, Dependal(loose motions), Flexon MR(muscle relaxation), Norflox TZ (stomach infection), Cetrizin(antialergic) and Band aid medicated dressing strips. iv) Carry all & completed documents of your vehicle, incl proper driving license for Innova/ Bolero/ Scorpio/ Other SUVs since this category of vehicles is NOT covered under driving license LMVs. Pl do carry your own identity/ visiting cards, if any. Helicopter Service. Civil flights are available between Joshimath- Gobind Ghat - Gobind Dham- Ghangaria helipad & back. i) Davinder Sg is Mgr & Ajit Sg is Mgr Accts. ii) Gate Timings- Gobind Ghat - Joshimath 0730, 0945, 1230, 1445 and 1745 hrs iii) Time of morning events & ardas starts at 4.00 AM and first lot of pilgrims leave for Gobind Dham( GD) approx 5.30 AM. So, it is imp that one stays at Ghagria the previous night and join morning ardas before setting off to GD/ Sri Hemkunt Sahib. iv) Time & Distance/ Route ( GG) to ( GD ) a) GG is located at approx 5,500 ft, GD at approx 10,500 ft, and trek is 14 km. It takes approx 4-5 hrs of walking (avg 2.5 to 3 kms per hour, at that altitude) and for planning purpose 4-5 hrs should be taken. b) Last time to leave for GD from GG on foot is 3.00 PM & by mule 3.30/ 3.45 PM so as to arrive at Ghangaria (still one km short of GD) before night fall i.e. 6.15-6.30 PM - this is imp as the last bit of final climb of approx 1.5-2 km is through thick & dark jungle which MUST be cleared during day light hours. c) One should travel in light clothes but have jacket/ woollens readily at hand because you would require them immediately on reaching 10,500 ft altitude. * Courtesy information provided by : Brigadier BS Gill, Vir Chakra, Parakram Padak 91 - 98728-68095