Gurdwara Moti Bagh, New Delhi

Gurdwara Name Gurdwara Moti Bagh Address Moti Bagh, Ring Road New Delhi.
Zipcode Phone 011 24121382
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Sarai Available yes Sarai Contact Information Balwant Singh Pandher 91 9810866404
Sarai facilities Two hall with 30 persons capacity
Sarai Room Count 2
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History Guru Gobind Singh ji stayed here from April to August, 1707. It is said that Guruji was on his way to the Deccan to meet Emperor Aurangzeb when he learnt about his death at Bhaghaur in Rajasthan. Meanwhile, Azam had taken command of the imperial army and declared himself emperor. Muazzam, on reaching Lahore, also declared himself the successor and assumed the title of Bahadur Shah. He also sent a special envoy to Guru Gobind Singh ji, requesting his military, moral and political support to oust Azam and gain control of the empire. Guruji and Muazzam reached Delhi about the same time in mid-April, 1707. Then Guruji set up camp at a place, where now stands Gurdwara Moti Bagh. The area used by Guruji and his men was a garden belonging to a Baniya by the name of Moti. He was a big trader in leather and his activities extended up to Afghanistan. He had established a tannery as well as a colony of cobblers. The area at that time was known as Mochi Bagh.After setting up camp in Mochi Bagh, Guruji shot an arrow that reached Bahadur Shah, who was staying in the Red Fort. Nobody could comprehend how and from where the arrow had come and thought it was a miracle. Shortly, thereafter, Guruji shot another arrow, which carried a small message, saying that it was not a miracle but only displayed Guruji's skill in archery. The battle between Bahadur Shah and Azam took place at Jajuan, 12 miles from Agra on June 10, 1707. Guruji sent one regiment under the command of Kuldeep Singh to take part in the battle. He himself camped a little distance away. A fierce battle took place and when it reached a critical point, Guruji, mounted on a horse & charged towards the battlefield. Azam was killed by an arrow in the battle. When the arrow was pulled out, it had a golden tip — the mark of the Guruji’s arrow. The wounded prince is believed to have said: “It is not Muazzam who fought against me, God has abandoned me and fortune has turned against me.” Commandant Kuldeep Singh was presented a robe of honour as also other gifts worth Rs 60 lakh. While the emperor went to Agra, Guruji came back to Delhi and stayed there for a few months.
Remarks Gurdwara Moti Bagh is on The Ring Road near Dhaula Kuan. Its quite near IG international Airport. Transport facility is easily available.