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History After defeating Zain Khan, the Subedar of Sirhind in 1763, the Sikh misls finally took control of Sirhind, the fort of Hayatpur (where the present village Khamanon Khurd is situated) and adjoining 62 villages were handed over to Dallewalia misl. It is worth mentioning here that these villages had been given in dowry to Begum Khemo, the niece of the Subedar of Sirhind, when she married Bashir Mohammad Khan of Bassi Gujran. The sikhs captured Bashir Mohammad Khan and imprisoned him in the fort of Hayatpur. Five sikh chieftains led by Sardar Kaur Singh were entrusted to adjudicate the fate of Begum Khemo and her consort. This difficult decision had to be taken in the context of muslim tyranny perpetuated against the sikhs and in the light of chivalrous Sikh tradition of not harming women. The Sardars averred that besides sparing the life of her husband one more wish of the Begum would be granted. She expressed her desire to live in Behlolpur. She, alongwith her family, were respectfully escorted to Behlolpur by a posse of sikh horsemen. The Begum was extremely beholden to the sikhs and it is believed that the town now known as Khamanon was named so after Begum Khemo. Another point of view is that, being the wife of a Khan, she was popularly known as Khano and hence the name Khamanon.