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History If the truck drivers of punjab ever had myth of their own is at the gurdwara manji sahib, situated 10 kilometres from here, on the main gt road (national highway no.1). they dare not pass by without paying their respects, or else...nijjer singh of dasmesh nagar, jagraon, drove past the gurdwara, en route to new delhi, without paying obeisance and was heavily fined by a dto for a small error, while ranjit singh's truck got flat tyre. the long queue of trucks outside the gurdwara is hard to miss though initially one may assume the place to be an octroi post. a little asking around about the significance of the gurdwara leads a young man at a tea stall. he has an interesting story to tell, the beginnings of which were unearthed by his grandfather, gurdev singh, now 80 years old. in 1953, gurdev had been tilling the land on which the gurdwara now stands when his plough had lodged in something hard. he had wondered if it was a skeleton as a burial ground had once stood in the area, and so called more men. when they dug beneath a small cot was revealed. it was believed that it belonged to the sixth guru of the sikhs, guru hargobind singh. the next day, the youngster said, those working in the fields heard voices and apparitions in blue robes and carrying trishuls.a man on a horse is said to have ridden in and quieted the voices. that day, gurdev singh and his bullock came down with high fever. the worried villagers decided to honour the place with a gurdwara. thus gurdwara manji (cot) sahib came to stand by the main road, exercising strange powers over the truck drivers' the granthi of the gurdwara, baljit singh, tells of a man from jalandhar whose trucks had been impounded. he initiated an akhand path at the gurdwara and soon he got the news that his trucks had been released without hassle. a driver said he met a truck driver driver who had talked about being haunted by voices near the place, asking him to return. so, with a tradition of stories to back the myth, truck drivers rather not risk limb and vehicle, preferring instead to make a halt and enjoy a hot meal...after paying their respects.