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History After the Battle of Chamkaur the Guruji reached safety at Talwandi Sabo where he compiled the Adi Granth later called the Guru Granth Sahib. After helping one of the sons of Aurangzeb to defeat his brothers in their battle for the Mughal throne, the Guruji and a band of Sikhs traveled to the Deccan along with the new Emperor. The Guruji traveled south to visit with the many new Sangats that he had not had a chance to visit. He reached Sirsa after traveling through the village of kewal, village jharorh, village jhanda kalan. From Sirsa guru ji went to village madho singhana, suhawa sahib, before reaching Nanded. Bhai Roop Chand's son bhai param singh and bhai dharam singh met here and they decorate bed for guru sahib. He encamped near a pond known as Lakkhi Talao. Acc. to Bhai Santokh Singh, It was here that Dalla Singh deserted the Guruji. There was a brickwork near the place. Guru ji stand on brickwork factory and called Bhai Dalh singh, that i want to show you your land. but dalha singh was attached more to talwandi sabho, so he said that we will see later when we leave this place. From here the Guruji went to Khudal to rescue one Gulab Singh, goldsmith, held in captivity by the local Muslim chief.