Gurdwara Sri Goindwal Sahib, Goindwal Sahib

Gurdwara Name Gurdwara Sri Goindwal Sahib Address Goindwal Sahib, Tarantaran
Zipcode 143001 Phone 8437008017
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Sarai Available yes Sarai Contact Information 01859 222034
Sarai facilities 111 individual rooms ( 50 with attach bath and 61 with sharing bath) , having 2 to 4 beds , 5 rooms have geyser . Its free of charge and refundable security is Rs 50
Sarai Room Count 111
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History Guru Sri Amar Das provided a place of pilgrimage, alternative to Hardwar and Benaras, where God alone was to be worshipped. He planned to construct a 'Baoli'-a well with descending steps, in Goindwal. He purchased some land and laid the foundation of the 'Baoli' with due religious ceremonies. His devoted Sikhs joined in the work on self-help basis and many willingly came forward to provide food for the volunteers engaged in the digging operation. The Baoli had eighty-four steps. The Guru ji decreed that whoever should attentively repeat Japji on every step, should escape from the travail of wandering through eighty four lakhs births and rebirths. Thus the Baoli at Goindwal Sahib, became an object of pilgrimage to Hindus as well as Sikhs. The entrance to the Baoli has been artistically decorated. There is a row of frescoes, depicting scenes from Sikh history. A dip in the Baoli is considered most holy. Adjoining the Baoli, a magnificent Gurdwara has been built. Besides, there is 'Langar' the famous community kitchen of Guru Amar Das ji , where each visitor is offered food free of cost & Langer was first started at this Gurudwara by Sri Guru Ram Das Jee .It has been recorded by a Sikh historian that Emperor Akbar also took meal in the Langar,before meeting the Guru ji .
Remarks Its 30 kms from Amritsar and Rickshaw charges Rs 5 from Goindwal bus stand .